Firefly. An insect that is also known as a light bug which flies, glows in the dark and is at its best at unpolluted surroundings .Fireflies have a great effect on people, because the light emitted by the firefly can make people happy and can make people trigger many memories.  In my 16 years, I can say that I’m a firefly because I fly, I glow in the dark and I am at my best in unpolluted surroundings.Image

As a child, my parents taught me how to dream and how to have goals. My mother even once said that I wanted to become a doctor and asked them to buy me some medical toys. And now that I have grown up I may not want to become a doctor anymore but that haven’t stopped me to fly and reach for my dreams and for my goals.

My childhood wasn’t perfect. At a young age I experienced events that for a young child is hard to handle. My childhood wasn’t plain playing and having fun. There were a lot of difficulties and changes in our family that is hard for a child to understand and to deal with. Fortunately, with the guide and support of my relatives and with the passage of time I  accepted, survived, and healed all my wounds.  I slowly understood the things that were hard for me to understand. I managed to put myself together, despite those challenging events in my life. At the dark face of my life, I managed to light up myself. I was so proud of myself that I made the right choices; I did not rebel to my parents, I never drifted away from my friends and I moved on

My parents always see to it that I’m at the right surroundings. Just like when we were living in Cebu and my mother taught us to how speak in English. But since I was often left with my yayas at home because my parents went to work and my sisters went to school, I was easily influenced by how my yayas speak. I am thankful of my parents for choosing the right surrounding for me when I was a kid and now that I have the right mind to know what’s good for me, I can say that I’m at my best in my unpolluted surroundings, my family and friends.

Just like a firefly I am a creature in this earth that lives to fly, to glow, and to be at my best.


Indoor Camp

My sisiter is going on a trip to Canigao Island for their Zoology subject, so she borrowed this huge tent from our mom’s friend. Before this night, we tried to build it in our living room, but failed. The next day we asked our uncle to build it for us but we already figure it out before he even came, so he just gave us a Camping 101 lesson. He taught us about the parts of the tents,where to build a tent and corrected us with some of the mistakes we made in building the tent. We were happy that finally we were able to build up the tent and we were amazed by how huge it is, so we decided to transfer our sheet in the tent and spend the night there. =)